Practice: commercial law; civil law; tax law; real estate, construction and land law; registration, reorganization and liquidation of enterprises, m&a; media law, advertising; representation in courts.

Commercial law

  • support for business activity of the enterprise;
  • advice on the matters concerned with creation (protection) of property rights and liabilities;
  • support for execution and termination of economic liabilities;
  • preparation of economic contracts (taking into consideration client's interests);
  • advice on the matters concerned with foreign economic activity;
  • support for investment activity;
  • advice on and support for obtaining licenses in medical practice, construction activity, carriage of passengers, and etc;
  • preparation of expert and legal opinions concerned with privatization;
  • development of privatization strategy;
  • support for participation in the process of privatization;
  • representation in the state (municipal) privatization bodies.


Civil law

  • advice on the matters concerned with execution of deals, commercial representation;
  • drafting contracts;
  • support for execution of contractual liabilities;
  • protection of personal non-property and property rights;
  • labor legal relations (including advice on and support for obtaining a work permit for non-residents, permanent residence permit);
  • property rights protection;
  • support for the matters concerned with protection of consumers;
  • registration of inheritance rights.


Tax law

  • advice on the tax issues;
  • tax planning and structuring;
  • advice on financial and tax reporting of the enterprise;
  • preparation of written recommendations (instructions, regulations) regarding essential actions to be done during inspection by tax authorities;
  • support for inspections as to compliance with the requirements of Ukrainian tax (currency) law;
  • appeal against tax notifications and decisions by administrative and judicial means;
  • protection of interests in case of illegal administrative arrest of assets, unwarranted search of premises, unlawful suppression of original copies of source documents;
  • support for operations concerned with VAT refund.


Real estate, construction and land law

  • advising on, drafting and support for purchase and sale agreements, exchange contracts, deeds of gift, rental contracts, mortgage agreements, and other real estate operations;
  • due diligence with regard to title documents for real estate units;
  • registration of land ownership;
  • advising on and support for obtaining permits for construction;
  • advising on and support for structural engineering, coordination and approval of design documents, construction project management, etc;
  • elaboration of strategies for purchase and development of land plots (due diligence, cottage buildings, development of recreational lands (including water protection areas);
  • advising on and legal support for land plots registration.


Registration, reorganization and liquidation of enterprises, m&a

  • drafting of all necessary documents and turn-key incorporation of legal entities (limited liability companies, joint stock companies, public organizations, public utility companies, foreign representative offices) and separate subdivisions;
  • advising on structuring of legal entities, creation of holdings and other special purpose legal bodies;
  • drafting of contracts on purchase and sale of shares, agreements between shareholders;
  • preparation of commercial contracts in M&A projects;
  • advising on antimonopoly and banking legislation during M&A.


Media law, advertising

  • preparation of contracts in the field of publishing activities, mass media, TV and radio broadcasting, advertising;
  • support for obtaining permits for outdoor advertisement positioning;
  • support for social projects implementation in advertising field (social advertising);
  • support for investment projects realization in advertising field;
  • regulatory activities in advertising field;
  • obtaining permits for publishing activities;
  • support for activities of Internet-portals.


Representation in courts

  • pre-trial dispute settlement (advices, participation in negotiations, preparation of claims, applications to law-enforcement authorities and control over their consideration, etc.);
  • preparation of service documents according to the rules of civil, commercial and administrative legal proceedings (claim statements, statements of defense, amicable agreements, applications, petitions, etc.);
  • legal representation in civil, commercial and administrative court proceedings;
  • appealing against decrees, decisions, rulings of regular, economic and administrative courts;
  • support for judgments execution.